Combining Performance Coaching with Neuroscience
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What is Performance Coaching and Neuro Coaching?

Most people have heard the term neuroscience but not neuro coaching, and I hope to change that.

Put simply, it is the combination of neuroscience and coaching. Neuroscience studies our brains and nervous systems to understand how these systems function to transform sensory stimuli into output, actions, and reactions. Coaching is a transformative process that guides desired, positive change. Integrating the two provides clients with a greater self-awareness about how their brain processes information, learns, and creates habits. That self-awareness builds resiliency, produces higher levels of effectiveness, and puts to rest (with science) self-limiting beliefs, anxieties, narrow perspectives, and more.

The field of neuroscience is relatively new, but its impact on the coaching process is so significant that coaches can now become certified as neuro coaches. The most crucial benefit of this type of coaching is understanding how your brain drives behavior, enabling the self-awareness skills needed to perform a brain hack when required.

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”
– Socrates

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Robyn Shank, M. Ed.

Robyn received a BA in psychology and then earned her M. Ed. from Graceland University and a graduate certificate in leadership administration. She is a credentialed Performance Coach and Neuro-transformational Coach as well as a decorated US Army veteran. When she isn’t working with people, she spends time outdoors with her rescue pups.

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