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We work with our clients to implement change.


You came to this site for a reason.  Maybe to explore options on how to grow your startup or discover the next phase of your plateauing business.  Maybe self-growth, discovery and transformation as a leader is what’s motivating you?  Coaching is the new norm and consulting has undergone its own transformation.  Congratulations, you’ve made it this far…let’s talk!


We tailor our professional services to meet your needs. Some clients will need coaching. Some will need consulting and many clients will need both.  Regardless of the need, we start by active listening. We ask a lot of questions to gain clarity.  We gather data to help uncover root causes. Then we engage in the work: set measurable, achievable goals, make an implementation plan, study the results, make changes and act. Through the work, change happens.  At times, there will be blocks and we’ll work through those with an attitude of gratitude.  Why? Our blocks or challenges give us the greatest opportunities for growth.

We meet you where you are, we find out where you want to go and we help you get there.


Kindness in a business suit; we treat everyone we encounter as equals.

We pride ourselves on our ability to focus on the job in front until successful completion.

Coaching and consulting is private and can be vulnerable. We will absolutely keep our conversations between us. We have your back and expect the same in return.

You are hiring us to help you grow, however that looks.  We invest our time and energy in you and value your willingness and capability to embrace change.

We are honest, fair, respectful, consistent and adhere to keen ethical principles.  We do the right thing even when no one is looking.


Robyn knew early in life what she wanted and what she didn’t want. She gained this clarity from those around her who made life choices she didn’t want to make. She made her own life plan, enlisted in the military and traveled the world. She is often described as:

  • Curious, a lifelong learner

  • Keen observer

  • Solution-based thinker

  • People person

  • Visionary

  • Dog lover

Her transformational leadership moment came later in life and it completely changed how Robyn saw herself as a leader and a person.

Robyn Shank





“I had never been coached before I met Robyn. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had coaches – track coaches, debate coaches, first year teaching coaches, and so on. I’ve also had supervisors who were supposed to coach me through situations. And, I’ve done my fair share of seeking online coaches for everything from meditation to weight loss to money management. And I can honestly say, that I had never been truly coached until I met Robyn Shank.”

Perri Gipner, K-12 Principal - Norwood Public Schools

“I learned more about myself and the leader I want to become through my coaching sessions with Robyn than from any other leadership development program.”

Kelly Waltrip, Executive Director - Denver Young Artists Orchestra

Professionalism • Focus • Trust • Growth • Integrity