Robyn Shank
M. Ed.

Robyn’s keen interest in organizational structures, systems change and human relations, combined with her drive to make a positive impact led to the startup of Keen Executive Solutions, LLC. She draws on 30+ years of leadership and coaching experience in all sectors: military, government, business, education, and non-profit. Robyn brings clarity, engagement and growth to those organizations and individuals for whom she works.

Robyn started her career as a US Army counterintelligence agent, serving overseas and specializing in the protection of aviation technology. She earned the “Noncommissioned Officer of the Year” title, the Meritorious Service Medal, and later was certified as a US Army Master Fitness Trainer.

After her military career, Robyn started a family and earned a BA in Psychology. She taught in a high poverty school for seven years, received her Master’s in Education and then coached school and district leaders in the areas of effective organizational change, improved communications, and professional relationships and conflict resolution. Later Robyn added a graduate certificate in Leadership Administration and two coaching certifications.

Since 2016, she has also served the State of Colorado educators as an implementation consultant and as the Executive Director of a Colorado non-profit organization. In three short years under her leadership, the non-profit was re-visioned and quickly gained state-wide recognition, receiving funding streams from national corporations, state funders, and notable individual donors. With a well-defined strategic planning process, aligned efforts, and a highly developed Board of Directors, Robyn was able to accomplish the organization’s mission, establish and provide effective support services, design and implement programs and projects, secure their financial position, and build a successful brand.

She lives in Southwest Colorado with her partner – who pilots and instructs in Pilatus PC-12 and PC-24 aircraft – and their 3 rescued pups Maggie, Daisy and Riley-Blue. She is passionate about the presentation and the integration of specific biological, psychological, social, and spiritual influences in our lives and how we can shift those that do not serve us well. She strives to be the best version of herself, which of course means evolving, learning, and applying what she coaches.

Professionalism • Focus • Trust • Growth • Integrity