Robyn Shank, M. Ed

Robyn’s keen interest in organizational structures, systems and human relations combined with her drive to make a positive impact led to the startup of Keen Executive Solutions.  She draws on 25+ years of leadership and coaching experience, organizational change, implementation science, data-based decision making and effective delivery methods in all sectors: military, government, business and non-profit. The end result is clarity, engagement, and growth.

Robyn first learned the importance of clarity, engagement, and growth while serving in the US Army as a counterintelligence agent. She earned the title “Noncommissioned Officer of the Year”, the Meritorious Service Medal and later was certified as a Master Fitness Trainer. After her military career, Robyn started her academic career earning a BA in Psychology, M. Ed and finally a graduate certificate in Leadership Administration.  Soon after earning her BA, she became a public educator teaching in a high poverty school with disadvantaged children.  This led Robyn to coaching school leaders in improved climate, culture and staff relations, and organizational change.

Robyn has served as an implementation consultant for the State of Colorado since 2016.

When Robyn heard a tragic story about a local teenager who suffered from years of bullying, her empathetic nature led her to the next career change. She accepted the role of Executive Director for a nonprofit and completely re-visioned and grew the organization. Under her leadership, the NPO became a state-wide entity in less than two short years, earning funding streams from national corporations, state funders and notable donors.  With her strategic planning process and a highly developed Board of Directors, Robyn was able to accomplish the organization’s mission, establish support services, develop and implement programs and projects, secure their financial position and build successful partnerships.

Professionalism • Focus • Trust • Growth • Integrity