“Step out of the history that is holding you back. Step into the new story you are willing to create.”
— Oprah Winfrey

A new generation of consulting is here . . . we embrace an inside-out ethos.

Sometimes it is hard to perceive and deal with problems from within. But at Keen Executive Solutions, we believe your business already has the answers it needs to solve your problems; it’s our job to help you tease them out.

We start small by solving one identifiable problem within your system and go from there.

Who is a consultant?

A consultant is a person who’s an expert in a particular field providing professional advice to individuals and businesses in their area of expertise.
We specialize in relationships, because at the end of the day, it is all about the relationships.

How does it benefit me?

We enable you. Humans are deeply resistant to being told what to do.  In the immortal words of Stephen Covey, “No involvement, no commitment.” At every stage, we will create and hand over the tools for you and your people to implement the change, to solve the puzzle.

Keen Executive Solutions can help with the design and implementation of these projects:

  • Envisioning an organization’s next leader or staff

  • Improving climate, culture and communications

  • Gaining staff buy-in

  • Resolving conflict through restorative circles

  • Developing personnel development plans with adult learning principles

Keen Executive Solutions consulting puzzle piece


“Keen Executive Solutions is all about solutions. My small wholesale poster business was stagnant; it needed revisioning. And that is exactly what Robyn helped me achieve. She saw the current product and immediately had a host of ideas on how to visually and logically improve upon it. Next came the logo change which aligned with the new vision. She then developed a social marketing campaign and distribution plan to bring it up to today’s standards…not my old methods which I thought were effective.

As a business owner, it is easy to get stuck in what you think is best. It takes an unbiased outside perspective to help see things differently. As a small independent business owner, I don’t have a marketing team or even someone to bounce ideas off of. Hiring Keen Executive Solutions for this special project filled the void that I have been needing for many years.”

Pinacle 54

“I thought I was at the finish line with my business where there was no room to grow. Despite being successful, I needed capacity which was something I did not even realize at the time. Robyn at Keen Executive Solutions adroitly helped me understand that my small service-oriented business could expand and guided me on how to get there. It is a slow process that I am currently working on, but I have new goals and ideas which is extremely motivating.

What I realized through Robyn’s work is that coaching is something anyone can benefit from. She does not hold your hand and do the work for you. She helped me develop a mindset that potential roadblocks always have solutions; being a sole proprietor, having that support system proved invaluable. I never would have undertaken the work without her. Please, do yourself a favor: use Robyn. She will make you think…she will hold you accountable…she will encourage you to be the best version of yourself, however that looks.”

Shane Jordan, Owner - 3-Green Aviation Inc.