“If you are curious, you’ll find the puzzles around you. If you are determined, you will solve them.”
– Erno Rubrik

What is executive coaching?

It is a thought-provoking and creative process that guides clients and inspires them to reach for the next level in their professional and personal lives; it is a trusting partnership where change happens.

Why Keen Executive Solutions?

Our clients choose us because they trust us.  They want transformational leadership experiences and they know we can guide those changes because we have experienced them ourselves.  We lead by example.

Benefits of coaching include:

  • Increased clarity

  • Increased accountability

  • Increased confidence

  • Better ideas

  • Better decision-making

Keen Executive Solutions coaching puzzle piece


We build trusting, confidential, authentic working relationships and take you from where you are to where you want to be. Our initial consultation is called a discovery session.  During this conversation, we analyze your needs and goals to determine if our services are a good fit.  If so, we map out the journey and get started.

That depends on your specific needs. We believe in upfront pricing so there will be no surprises.  In order to achieve lasting and effective change, your time investment will be significant.

Yes, we can and we have.


“Working with Robyn helped me discover more about my leadership style, has changed my approach to management, and helped me hone my strengths as an Executive Director.”

Kelly Waltrip, Executive Director - Denver Young Artists Orchestra

“I thought I was at the finish line with my business where there was no room to grow. Despite being successful, I needed capacity which was something I did not even realize at the time. Robyn at Keen Executive Solutions adroitly helped me understand that my small service-oriented business could expand and guided me on how to get there. It is a slow process that I am currently working on, but I have new goals and ideas which is extremely motivating.

What I realized through Robyn’s work is that coaching is something anyone can benefit from. She does not hold your hand and do the work for you. She helped me develop a mindset that potential roadblocks always have solutions; being a sole proprietor, having that support system proved invaluable. I never would have undertaken the work without her. Please, do yourself a favor: use Robyn. She will make you think…she will hold you accountable…she will encourage you to be the best version of yourself, however that looks.”

Shane Jordan, Owner - 3-Green Aviation Inc.

“I had never been coached before I met Robyn. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had coaches – track coaches, debate coaches, first year teaching coaches, and so on. I’ve also had supervisors who were supposed to coach me through situations. And, I’ve done my fair share of seeking online coaches for everything from meditation to weight loss to money management. And I can honestly say, that I had never been truly coached until I met Robyn Shank. Before experiencing Robyn – because that is what she is, a life changing experience – I would have defined coaches as either cheerleaders or soul-crushers whose impact lived in whether or not my self-loathing ticked up or down based on my perceived success or failure. In retrospect, I have had very few coaches in my life whose support resulted in sustainable, ongoing growth and non-judgmental self-reflection; Robyn is the exception! The work, and trust me, it’s WORK, that I have done with her in the past few years has forever changed my leadership skills, my relationships and my actions. Robyn’s approach to coaching is about igniting and tending to one’s strengths, needs and passions. She focused on my spark, and slowly with extreme attention to detail and active listening, she coaxed my flame to grow brighter, hotter and stronger. But her real talent is seamlessly and gracefully empowering you to be your own flame keeper. There will be discoverable moments in your coaching experiences with Robyn that might be hard to face or own, but breaking through these moments and truly owning them will leave you embracing change and shouting from the highest hilltop, “EXECUTIVE COACHING with Robyn has changed my life!” “

Perri Gipner