What We do

You & I work together in a trusting partnership to navigate the road ahead….

The process

As the client, you decide on what change needs to happen. As your coach, I help you make that change and keep you accountable. I listen intently and ask powerful questions. I am your champion, your challenger, and your change expert. I am not a counselor nor a therapist, and I am not here to fix or de-tangle your past.

Generally, my clients are executives, business owners, or leaders. I meet clients by phone, Zoom, or in person. My sessions are often one-on-one, but I have also worked with non-profit boards, teams, educators, and parents. Clients typically spend a year or more in the coaching partnership because lasting change takes time.


“The road to success is always under construction.”
– Lily Tomlin

Do you have a performance coach?

If not, you could be limiting your potential. That’s because a coach helps you identify and focus on what’s important, accelerating success.

Good coaches:

  • Create a safe environment in which you see yourself more clearly

  • Identify gaps between where you are and where you want to be

  • Provide more intentional thought, action, and behavior changes than you would ask of yourself

  • Guide the accountability and provide tools and support to ensure sustained commitment

I can help you:

  • Get clear about your goals

  • Identify blind spots and understand their “why” in terms of neuroscience

  • Be more accountable

  • Focus your efforts

  • Gain a performance advantage

  • Increase engagement

  • Feel happier

The Process

Make Contact

People have coaches for many different reasons (finance, business, nutrition, pets, parenting and relationships, fitness, sports, etc). Most coaches and clients are looking at change from the wrong angle. We need to understand that it starts in the brain; that’s where we begin working together to make lasting change.

Schedule the call

Don’t put this off until tomorrow. Schedule complimentary discovery call with me today!

Complete the contract

Let’s get the paperwork done. After our discovery call, I’ll send it your way.

Start coaching

Our coaching begins:

  • explore the topics that are not working in your life
  • increase your awareness about why its not working
  • come up with solutions on ways to integrate your brain’s systems to give you what you want
  • connect the mind to your body